Policies - Registry Standards - Accomplishments we will verify

Individuals are required to submit documentation to support all education data saved in the PD Registry. Individuals do not have to submit originals or official copies for verification. The PD Registry accepts unofficial documents. Clear copies will be accepted in most cases though the PD Registry reserves the right to request original documentation if needed. Schedules will not be accepted as appropriate documentation for formal education, credentials, or training because accepted documentation must indicate that the individual completed the education.

Credentials and Certificates

For any course of study resulting in a credential or certificate, the awarding certificate will be accepted if it includes the person's name, the name of the award, the awarding organization, the award date and, if applicable, the expiration date. A transcript from the awarding organization (such as a DCF Child Care Training Transcript) will also be accepted if it includes the information listed above.

When the expiration date does not appear on the documents provided, for example the First Aid/CPR or National CDA certificates, the following expiration terms will apply:

  1. First Aid/CPR – two (2) years from the date issued
  2. National CDA – three (3) years from the issuing date