Policies - Registry Standards - Accomplishments we will verify

Individuals are required to submit documentation to support all education data saved in the PD Registry. Individuals do not have to submit originals or official copies for verification. The PD Registry accepts unofficial documents. Clear copies will be accepted in most cases though the PD Registry reserves the right to request original documentation if needed. Schedules will not be accepted as appropriate documentation for formal education, credentials, or training because accepted documentation must indicate that the individual completed the education.

Informal Education

"Informal education" is defined as any training conferring clock hours, in-service hours, or CEUs. 1 CEU is considered equal to 10 clock hours or 10 in-service hours.

The PD Registry does not separately record classes completed as part of the 40-clock-hour Introductory Child Care Training. The PD Registry will verify that Part I and Part II have been completed, but will not save the individual classes that comprise Part I or Part II.

The documentation accepted for verification of informal education may be either a certificate of attendance or a class sign-in sheet. Both types of documentation must include:

  1. the individual's name,
  2. the name of the class,
  3. the completion date of the class,
  4. the number hours or CEUs the class confers, and
  5. the name of the awarding institution.