Miami Children's Trust programs

The Children's Trust funds evidence-based programs in Miami-Dade to achieve positive outcomes for children & their families.

The Children's Trust of Miami-Dade is a Children's Services Council (CSC). A CSC is a countywide special taxing district created by ordinance, and approved by voters, to fund programs and services that improve the lives of children and their families. While the services offered and age groups served vary depending on the needs of the community, the primary focus of all CSCs is to invest in prevention and early intervention programs that produce measurable results.

The Children's Trust staff and board of directors are dedicated to funding evidenced-based programs that achieve positive outcomes for children and families in the Miami-Dade community and deliver a robust return on investment. As a government agency, they are committed to transparent, public and competitive solicitations processes awarding a variety of grants that balance long-term ambitions with short-term needs, to agencies proposing high-quality programs as outlined in their strategic plan.

More information about The Children's Trust is available on their website

More information about Children's Services Councils (CSC's) is available on the website of Florida Children's Council (FCC). FCC serves as the statewide umbrella organization for the Children's Services Councils.

The Children's Forum (CF) has partnered with The Children's Trust to provide verification services, scholarship services, and educational advising to providers working in Miami-Dade county.

The Children's Trust requires all ECE professionals receiving Trust-funded services provide the following:

  • Demographics
    • Full legal name
    • Date of birth
    • Full social security number
    • Race
    • Ethnicity
    • Country of birth
    • First or native language
  • Employment
    • Start date at site
    • End date at site (if applicable)
    • Hourly wage
    • Current position title
    • Start date in current position
    • Hours worked in an average week
    • Ages of children in care (if applicable)
    • List of benefits offered by the employer
    • Recent pay stub
  • Education
    • Recent copy of staff's DCF Transcript
    • Transcript listing completed accredited classes (if applicable)
    • High school diploma or GED certificate (if applicable)
    • Copy of accredited translation and evaluation of education completed outside the USA (if applicable)
    • Proof of completion (e.g., course grades) for professional development activities funded via The Children's Trust scholarships
  • Contact information
    • Active personal email address
    • One (1) additional contact method (mailing address or phone number)