Policies - Quality Rating/Improvement Systems (QRIS)

What is QRIS?

A Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) is an organized way to assess, improve and communicate the quality of early care and education programs that families consider for their children. They are similar to other consumer rating systems such as ratings of restaurants by AAA or Zagat, in that they "rate" goods or services to provide customers with a better understanding about the quality of that item.

A QRIS provides benefits to every population that deals with child care. It...

  • empowers parents to become savvy consumers who choose high quality for their children.
  • gives policymakers effective tools to improve ECE quality.
  • promotes accountability so that donors, legislators and taxpayers feel confident investing in quality.
  • gives providers a roadmap to quality improvement.
  • promotes the health and development of children in early care and education.

At the core of every QRIS is the set of rules used to calculate the score for a child care facility. The rules are usually broken into sections such as staff education, the curriculum used, and the physical environment in the facility.